Frequently Asked Questions

This section seeks to provide answers to a range of Frequently Asked Questions on the new EU rules for unmanned aircraft, with a focus on their application to model aircraft and the application of the exemption for activities in the framework of model aircraft clubs and associations under Article 16 of the Implementing Regulation. It will be extended over time as questions arise. Suggestions for an issue to be addressed can be submitted through our Regulation Contact Form.

Important: In the process of obtaining an authorisation under Article 16(2)(a) or (b) of the Implementing Regulation, the starting point for that authorisation are the current national rules and requirements for operating model aircraft. That is a very clear instruction from the EU legislator, which is included both in the Basic Regulation (Recital 34) and in the Implementing Regulation (Recital 27): both refer to “the need for a seamless transition from the different national systems to the new Union regulatory framework so  that  model aircraft  can  continue to  operate as  they  do  today”. There is no requirement to start that process from a position where the “basis” for the authorisation are the open category rules, and the authorisation provides an exemption to those rules.

Frequently Asked Questions: