Implementation in EMFU Member Countries (EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway)

The EMFU has, together with a number of national associations, been actively involved in helping to accommodate the concerns of model aircraft pilots in the new EU legislation, and many of our proposals were incorporated in the final text of the legislation. The EMFU is now assisting national associations with the implementation and application of the new EU rules within each Member State.

The links below provide an overview of the state of play of implementation for a number of countries. The information is provided by the EMFU member associations of each country. Please contact us through the Regulation Contact Form if you have any comments on this section or if you wish to provide information on the implementation of the EU rules in your country.

For an overview of and frequently asked questions on the EU legislation please see the relevant other sections of the EMFU website. More information on the new EU legislation and its implementation can also be found in the EMFU Discussion forum on the new EU legislation.

Links to information on the implementation of the new EU legislation in EMFU member countries (click on the name of the country or the map below):