Contribution by the Bundeskommission Modellflug im Deutschen Aeroclub (DAeC), (updated on 15/1/2021)


Until the 31.12.2022 (latest) the current national regulation for aeromodelling will stay in force. Only the registration of pilots will become mandatory. The date for the registration has been postponed in Germany from the 1.1.2021 to the 31.4.2021.

When an authorisation according to (EU) 2019/947 §16 is issued by the competent authority, members of the association holding this authorisation can conduct the operation according to the content of this authorisation based on the established procedures, organisational structure and management system of the model aircraft club or association. This will mainly contain the same rules as before. There also will be new rules for guest pilots from other EU-residents and third county pilots.

Pilots that are not member of a model aircraft club or association holding an operational authorisation will fall under the rules of the Open Category.

Implementing the new EU rules; state of play

The Bundeskommission Modellflug im Deutschen Aeroclub (DAeC) is pursuing an operational authorisation under Article 16(2)(b) of EU Regulation 2019/247. For this purpose, the DAeC has compiled “Standardized Rules for Aeromodels”. These rules describe established procedures, organisational structure and management systems of model aircraft clubs and associations.

The other aeromodelling association in Germany (Deutscher Modellflieger Verband (DMFV)), which is not an EMFU member, is pursuing a separate authorisation under Article 16.

Discussions with the German authorities on the implementation of the new EU legislation and the authorisations for both associations are currently ongoing.


The overview below refers to the current legal framework and is likely to change for the period after January 2021, following the implementation of the EU requirements.


There is no age limit for operating model aircraft below 100m and lighter than 2 kg outside approved airfields. For the operation of model aircraft outside approved model airfields and above these limits, a certificate of competence is mandatory and pilots need to be at least 14 years old.

A certificate of competence is issued by an association and can be obtained following an online training and an online test. Liability insurance is mandatory. Registration is mandatory after the end of April 2021. There is no requirement to be a member of a club or associations.


Model aircraft heavier than 25 kg (take-off weight) must be certified and require an annual inspection, as well as a pilot license for their operation. These models are given a registration number. Models weighing less than 25kg but more than 250gr  must display the name and address of the owner. There are no specific technical requirements for transponders, cameras, etc.


Currently in Germany aeromodelling is allowed anywhere, except where location-specific restrictions are in place (air traffic regulations or other limitations). There is no general height limit. The weight limit for model aircraft is 150 kg, models above 25 kg must be certified. A certificate of competence is mandatory for operations above 100 m and heavier than 2 kg, outside approved airfields. The operation of multicopters is limited to a maximum height of 100 m. Operations beyond visual line of sight (“FPV”) require an observer.


  • Deutscher Aero Club (DAeC): Member of FAI, EAS, ISAD, EMFU (Memberships relevant for aeromodelling):
  • Modellflugsportverband Deutschland (MFSD): Member of DAeC:

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